Wednesday 31 July 2019

July 2019 Update

July 2019

Portfolio Value after market close: S$98,360.94

Wifey's Portfolio Value after market close: S$47,399.02

Purchases: None

Sold: None


ESR Reit: $77.09

Portfolio value dropped this month compared to last month.

REITs continue to be overpriced at this moment. Might add abit more of Mapletree Logistics Trust (MLT) based on today's closing price.

Looking at a couple of non-reit counters but price is still north of TP.

Meanwhile continue to place my cash in bank to earn the 2% interest. Better than nothing.

Baby M is getting cuter and cuter by the day. Just last week, she actually carried up the walker that she was seated in to cross over the kerb to the kitchen.

At only 13 months young, that showed she has analytical skills at this age already.

On the work front, things are getting busier but not necessarily in a good way. Customer is placing new requirements every other day so much so that I have to put a stop to it.

I look forward to the day that this project is completed.