Tuesday 5 December 2023

Time Of The Year Again For Giving Back (Personal Donation)

This post is purely meant to serve as a gentle reminder and hopefully, inspiration for readers to do what you can to give back to the society in an amount that you can afford.
It is definitely not to show off or to achieve anything to that effect.
Apart from the recurring donations that I've been making through GIRO, I have a habit to make yearly donation to various causes at every year end.
So just did the latter for this year. Must admit I nearly forgot to do so as I went through the hustle of life. To think I even went on a cruise last week.
This year is largely the same as previous years. I made contribution to the causes close to my heart - the elderly and children.
In addition, I've made a maiden contribution to our animal friends due to an unfortunate incident that happened to me recently in relation to this subject.
In case you are wondering, I've made the donations through giving.sg

I think they charge 1.8% of the donated amount as administrative fees. To me that is acceptable and I prefer to use this platform as I personally find it has more credibility.
As a matter of fact, I hardly donate to fundraisers on the street as I can't be sure on the percentage of donated amount that actually goes to the people who need it most.

It is not to say these fundraisers are not genuine. Rather I just find it a hassle to verify their credibility.
As we busy ourselves going through the hustle and bustle of life, let's not forget those who might need a helping hand or two in theirs too.
While this post is about personal donation, I will usually donate in my company's capacity, a percentage of the operating net profit after the close of FY in February.

I was inspired by CapitaLand to do this and I hope I can continue to do so annually (Which means my business is profitable every year. Woohoo!).
Note: I am not affiliated with giving.sg or any of the charities shown in the post. I try to donate to different organisation every year anyway. As mentioned, I just hope to remind and inspire.