Monday 9 July 2018

Baby Has Arrived!

Was pretty busy recently hence hasn't been active on my blog for awhile.

My daughter has safely arrived on 17th June 2018 Father's Day!

What a meaningful gift to me.

Wifey underwent an emergency C-section after about 24 hours of pain. I really owed it to her. My heart broke when I saw her lying on the bed suffering.

I was with her nearly throughout the entire period. That's the least I could do.

We wanted to go for natural delivery as far as possible but doctor decided to go for the C-section for safety reasons.

For those interested, total bill for our birth journey is as follows. It's not a small sum but what's important is that both wifey and daughter are safe and sound.

We went to SGH as a private patient.

Pre-delivery consultation visits and tests: $2,100

Medications and vitamins: $273

Labour and hospitalisation charges: $10,273.31

Baby hospitalisation charges: $3,489.63

Less Medisave claims: -$7,550

Net Payment: $8,585.94

May and June 2018 Updates

Dividends Received

CapitaLand: $480.00
OCBC: $4.25
Mapletree Logistics Trust: $141.40
Netlink Trust: $129.60
RHT Health Trust: $114.00
Suntec Reit: $97.32
Viva Industrial Trust: $91.90

Total: $1,058.47

Counters Purchased

CapitaLand: 5 lots

Counters Sold