Thursday 5 January 2023

Review of 2022


Everyone is generally healthy though wifey lost a big part of her voice after her Covid-19 episode. Luckily she has regained much of her vocals after consulting a TCM.
The kids are now four and two in the blink of an eye. Super cute as ever.

Both are loving towards each other yet can be pinching, biting and hitting each other in the next second.

The elder one has inherited our stubbornness. Sometimes she just refused to apologise or look at us in the eye when we asked her to.

I have noticed the hard approach doesn't really work on her so we are going to try the soft approach from now on and see how.

Just like them, we as parents are also learning in this journey. 

Hopefully both kids will grow up to be a healthy, happy and kind person.


Business has improved in 2022 compared to the prior year. Has about two months left before FYE.

Hoping for a promising project to get finalised soon. If that happens it would really be an icing on the cake.
On the long run, I am thinking of pivoting the business to a new sector that the government is pushing nowadays.


Embarked on a sideline some time around August. It is something that I am doing day in day out and being able to earn side income from doing something I love is shiok. 

Sometimes, success is simply making a career out of your interest. 

So far monthly income from this is around $600 - $900 with potential of reaching higher in 2023.

Started my Masters programme in NUS this year. Just completed the first semester with a CPA of 4.75/5.00.

Not too bad. Safe for the time being.

Entered into the course with the aim of gaining new knowledge. So far so good. Enjoying it, less the assignments.

Looking forward to complete it soon and use the knowledge gained to drive my career forward.

Portfolio Value: $135,527.22
P/L (Realised + unrealised): $5,096.60
Dividends Collected: $7,198.42
Total Accumulated Dividends: $34,747.95
Added: Ascendas Reit and CLCT
Portfolio Value (SGD equivalent): $16,479.76
P/L (Realised + Unrealised): -$23,520.24
Added: AAPL, DIDIY, GREE, MSFT, PYPL and 9988
The SGD portfolio remains my main portfolio, providing me with a stable base and passive income.
Big loss in USD / HK portfolio due to / GREE saga in which my speculation failed badly. Have blogged about this previously. 
However the positive thing from this episode is that I have learned to control my emotions much better in trading.

Sometimes it takes a heavy hit to learn a lesson. 

Nowadays this portfolio is mainly used for options trading where I must say I have learned a lot in the past year.
Especially in the area of price point determination and implementation of stop loss.
My options trading consist mostly of written calls and puts with short DTE, usually two weeks or so, to make full use of the theta decay to my advantage.
2023 Target

To hit $11,300 combined portfolio gain consisting of dividends and trading income.

Syfe Portfolio
Negative TWR of 11.7%. Disappointing performance from this robo-advisor.

Total portfolios value at end of 2022: S$152,006.98.
This is about $10k less than 2021's figure.
Will make 2023 a better year. A promise to myself.
Last but not least, here's wishing everyone a blessed and healthy 2023 ahead.