Tuesday 23 March 2021

Finally Opened an Account with Syfe - Core Growth Portfolio

As a continuation to my comparison across the various robo advisors and products specifically offered by Syfe, I have finally opened an account and invested in the Syfe Core Growth portfolio two days ago.
At this point of writing, I am having a 0.06% loss by the way.
Despite its lower historical returns compared to Equity100, what swayed me to choose it over the Equity100 portfolio are two reasons.
1) Its greater geographical allocation to China at 14.3% of the portfolio compared to the 1.82% in Equity100.
I had set out to look for a portfolio with exposure to the Chinese market as I feel it has one of the highest growth potential especially in its tech sector.
With Core Growth's greater allocation in the market, I believe I can reap the benefits more.
2) Its diversified assets which lead to lower returns but more peace of mind.
Compared to Equity100 which invests 100% into equities, the Core Growth portfolio includes 5.4% of gold and 25.8% of bonds.
Because of this allocation into the relatively safer instruments, the Core Growth portfolio returns 2 - 3% lower than the Equity100 portfolio, historically speaking.
However in exchange I think I can sleep better at night. Also I can switch portfolios in future if I wish to.
Now if you are like me who
- wants to maintain an income portfolio in the Singapore market (which possesses one of the better yields in the region by the way)
- yet diversify away for capital growth through the US and China markets
- but at the same time is lazy or too busy to do your due diligence in those markets,
a portfolio like the Core Growth is a good avenue to start with.
I can't guarantee the profitability but based on a long term horizon, it is relatively safe to say the returns should be positive.
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This way you get a 6 months fee waiver on your first $30,000 investment while I get a minimum of $10.

Thanks in advance.

This post is purely for sharing sake and is not a sponsored post by Syfe.

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