Sunday 24 December 2017

Recent Actions - Nov and Dec 2017

Short update for the months of November and December to conclude the year.

1) Bought 5,000 shares of Viva Industrial Trust @ $0.955 for my income portfolio. Did the same for wifey's as well.

2) Bought 3,000 shares of SingTel @ $3.64 for wifey as part of her income portfolio after recent XD.

3) Bought 10,000 shares of RHT Health Trust as a punt on the acquisition by Fortis.

4) Received dividend of S$325 from ISOTeam.

5) Received dividend of S$99.32 from Suntec Reit.

6) Sold 3,000 shares of Wilmar after signs of price weakness and failure to break through resistance. Could have earned more but decided to lock in profits first.

Monday 4 December 2017

Review of Dim Sum Haus

In food paradise Singapore, dim sum has always been one of the frequent choice of food for my wife and I. So we decided to make a trip to one of the newer establishments in town yesterday:

Dim Sum Haus @ 57 Jalan Besar

It was our first time to this shop and having heard good reviews about this place, we went with high hopes.

First off, there are free parking around the area on Sundays. Otherwise Jalan Besar MRT station is less than 5 min walk away.

There are no outdoor seating as far as I can see. All the seats are indoor with air conditioner.

We reached there around lunch time and there were still couple of tables available.

Looking through the menu which although not very extensive, has enough choices to satisfy most people, we decided to order the following (with my personal score based on taste in bracket beside):

1) Plain congee (7/10)

Seasoning and texture of the congee are done just about right. Along with the accompanying crispy you tiao, this dish is not bad.

2) Pan fried carrot cake (6.5/10)

Surface of the carrot cake is not crispy enough. However the carrot cake has the right balance between hardness and softness. You can taste the lup cheong when you bite into it.

3) Crispy chee cheong fun with shrimp (7.5/10)

This is the best dish among what we ordered. First bite into the chee cheong fun you can taste the nice balance of the soft chee cheong fun and the crispiness within. The seasoning is pretty normal, about the same as other places.

4) Fried mee sua kueh (6.6/10)

Not impressed by this. First impression was the kueh has been over fried based on the dark brown colour of the kueh surface. Taste-wise is a tad too salty. Prefer the Swee Choon version.

5) Har gau (6.8/10)

The prawn is fresh and the thickness of the har gau skin is just right too.

6) Salted egg custard bun (7.2/10)

This is a refreshing change from the usual liu sha bao. The crispy exterior of this version adds another dimension to this common dim sum. The salted egg custard is nice too. However from the second piece onwards it gets a bit too much.

7) Hong Kong style egg tart (6/10)

This was quite disappointing. The crust is biscuit-like. The egg is a tad too solid. Personally prefer egg tarts with flaky crust and the egg 'bounceable' when you shake it.


Considering the place was not even full house, the service was quite slow. Took about 20 min for the first dish to arrive after we placed the order.

Catching the staff's attention was a bit of a challenge.

The staff's finger came into contact with our food when she was clearing some empty plates on our table. I'm sure it's not on purpose though.


About the same as elsewhere. Most dishes are within $5.00.

NETS payment, minimum $10.
Credit card payment, minimum $50.


Overall nothing major to complain about. Neither is there anything impressive about this place.

This seems like just another place that serves dim sum. I can't see any differentiating factor between this place and others.

Would I go back again? Probably not on my own accord.

I would stick to my other tried and tested dim sum places where I frequent.

Disclaimer: This is my personal view. I'm not related to any of the establishments nor its owners in any way as far as I know.