Tuesday 2 March 2021

I Have Switched My Electricity Retailer. Have You?

Since my existing electricity contract would be expiring soon, I did some comparison recently to gauge what are the current best plans and promotions available that can give me the best savings.
As a consumer, we can't control the electrical tariff. But what we can do is to do some homework and find the best available plan out there to maximise the savings for ourselves. 
So one of the first things I did is to check out the promotions from my current electrical provider - Keppel Electric. 
Next I went to this website to compare across the different providers. 

Eventually I decided to switch to Senoko Energy with reasons as follows.

1) Senoko Energy's unit price for 24 month fixed rate contract is the 2nd most competitive among all the providers.
2) Promotion offered by Keppel Electric is not as enticing.

3) My brother has recently signed up with Senoko Energy and by using his referral link, he and I both get a $30 bill rebate.

4) On top of that I also get an additional $110 bill rebate by setting up a recurring payment with my POSB Everyday card and using the below promo code.

That's a total of $140 bill rebate just for switching! That's about $5.80 off my monthly electrical bill. 
I think it's a no brainer.

Furthermore the whole signing up process is pretty seamless and fast. Just need to get a softcopy of my latest electrical bill ready.

The whole process took me only about 5 min.
Do note that the promotion is until 11th March 2021.
Citibank and HSBC credit cards recurring payment will give you slightly more rebate at $115. If you have credit card from these banks you can benefit even more.

If this post helps you in any way and you would like to get a $30 rebate as well, please feel free to use my referral code (TU8E3H7T).

This way both of us will enjoy the $30 rebate to offset our electrical bill.
Alternatively you can drop an email to me and I will send you the sign up referral link for the $30 rebate.

Thanks in advance.

This post is purely for sharing sake and is not a sponsored post by any electrical providers.

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