Thursday 4 May 2017

A Tale of Two Hawkers

Recently wifey and I went to Seah Im food centre for lunch before going to Sentosa.

Initially we ordered our favourite chicken rice which is tasty as usual. In fact this is my top 5 chicken rice stall in Singapore.

On top of that the aunty serving us is very friendly and courteous.

If you are interested, the stall name is Ding's Hainanese Chicken Rice.

After that we decided to try a hokkien mee from a stall with queue. So I went ahead to order.

Funny thing is the front of the stall has a placard that states 'One person one plate' and other conditions.

When my order is done I handed the money to the uncle and proceeded to take two pairs of chopsticks.

The uncle stared at me and with held my change. Then he told me one person one plate.

I don't really understand so I asked "cannot take two pairs of chop sticks?"

He said cannot so I put one pair back and walked away.

But what irked me are the words he said sacarstically before I walked off and I quote: "两块半已经很便宜了还要两个人吃!"

I have met some rude hawkers before but none as guai lan as this. To top it off, the hokkien mee actually tastes quite sucky.

The stall name is Cheng Ji Chao Xia Mian Hao Jian. It faces the main road.


  1. LOL!

    My favourite stall too; but I will order fried oyster and hokkien for me and wife to share.

    Play according to his rule. Buey song. Then don't come and come eat. ha ha!

    So many years, I think the couple earns enough to be FI so now no need to sell more. Sell what he thinks it is right for him - one person one plate. $2.50 is very cheap for hokkien mee. Elsewhere is $3 or $3.50 minimum.

    Same as my blogging style. I set my rule too. :-)

  2. Come to Kovan kopitiam to eat hokkien mee. Chilli is A!

  3. Do not judge too fast leh. (I find its strange and asked them politely why doing this). It's started some time ago that someone order a plate and requested like 5-6 small plates/chop sticks, the owner of course refused (little profit) and police is called. Of course it is bad memory and owner decided to implement such rules. Not happy don't eat loh anyway not making money. :-) Its a free world. Willing seller willing buyer.

  4. Well, I don't judge. It's a fact that they are rude especially that last sentence.

    Regardless of what happened to them last time, it is not right to be rude to others.

    Imagine the image they portrayed to tourists and the damage done.

    1. I am not saying I enjoy their service. For me I will not likely eat at their stall again. Relax young man....I am sure their previous experience must be very bad for them to behave like that. Nowadays people are getting more demanding (and have seen the high posh world), but ready don't forget it's Hawker Center not restaurant. It's a $2.5 hokkien mee, not a $25 Italian Pasta.....May peace be with you !

  5. I'm being very chill, my friend : )

    Not upset by your post at all. No worries. Everyone is entitled to their own views. I respect that.

    My post is just to warn people about this stall.

    Nobody should be treated this way by another fellow human being. Be it whether he is paying $2.50 or $25.

    1. Yup You are cool bro!

      At least I did not received such comments from you "Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!"

      Above is the reply I received when I commented that they should not give tampon as free gift during CNY as I ordered something from an online pharmacy store. hahaha Life is short, enjoy lah!