Saturday 29 September 2018


It was nice seeing the share price of M1 opening at above $2 the day after trading halt is lifted. It has been a long time since M1 crossed over that mark.

By now everybody would have known this is due to the offer from Keppel and SPH. Some have already sold their shares amidst the run up these few days. Some are still waiting to see if a better offer or price comes up.

How about me?

On one hand I'm glad my previous thesis (suspicions) about M1 being a prime candidate for M&A has proven to be right.

On the other I am still excited to see how the various initiatives and ventures implemented by M1 will work out.

Anyway back to the purchase offer by Konnectivity Pte Ltd, at $2.06 I feel the downside is fairly limited. Also I believe the upside offers further magnitude with Axiata considering joining in the fray too.

Hence for now I will continue to hold and monitor for further news which I reckon we should be hearing within these couple of weeks.