Tuesday 30 April 2019

April 2019 Portfolio Update

April 2019

Portfolio Value after market close: S$90,017.44

Wifey's Portfolio Value after market close: S$45,681.02
Purchases: None

Sold: 5,000 shares of CapitaLand



Balanced 4,000 shares of CapitaLand at $2.98. Will continue to keep for its ~4% dividend while waiting for its breakthrough.

Cash has been growing with my recent sale of M1 and CapitaLand. Intend to put it back into the market but most of the reits and income stocks in my watch list are overpriced at the moment.

Not going to buy for the sake of buying. Will continue to monitor the market for entry opportunities. Meanwhile the cash will stay in my OCBC 360 account for the 2% interest.

RHT Health Trust

RHT Health Trust is making some interesting movements in the past couple of months with the name change and appointment of a new chairman and directors, some of whom came with healthcare management background.

I don't think these are done for fun. I'm looking forward to the possible good news ahead. Hopefully the new CEO will inject some attractive new assets for the shareholders.

Will continue to hold onto my shares.


Japfa still seems to be affected by the swine flu news though fundamentally nothing has changed. Will be monitoring the share price with a view to add more.

Sunday 7 April 2019

Paying $18 For A $54 Meal

So wifey, baby M and myself had a meal at the Gudetama restaurant in Suntec today. 

Prior to that I checked out eatigo (as usual, haha) and saw that there is a 30% discount for the timing we wanted. So I 'fast hand fast leg' made a reservation and off we went.

We ordered a pizza and steak for sharing. Though the portion is filling, I must say prices are not cheap in Gudetama.

Total bill for the 2 dishes came up to $54+. 

After the 30% discount and using the $20 eatigo voucher which I have redeemed previously from my eatigo points, the final bill is $18+.

Nice way for some savings on dining.

I have previously blogged about my experience with eatigo and I think some readers have also used my referral link to sign up for their account.

Whoever you are, thanks for that. Hope you enjoy the voucher / points earned from using the referral. 

Anyway here's my verdict on Gudetama.

Food: 6/10
Ambience: 6.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 5/10

In a nutshell, I probably won't go back again on my own. For that kind of prices I can have much nicer food at much nicer restaurants.