Tuesday 18 April 2017

Bangkok Trip April 2017

So wifey and I went on a Bangkok trip for 3 nights recently, taking advantage of the long weekend for some relaxation.

It was quite a last minute trip. We talked about it and made the bookings within a week.

Now Bangkok is not a new place to us since we have been there several times before. However what we didn't realised until much later, is that our trip coincides with the Songkran!

Needless to say, we were 'attacked' more than a few times by kids who look so happy and carefree with their guns and buckets, and by tourists who 'shot' at us while speeding past us on a tuk tuk.

However it was all in the spirit of fun.

I felt particularly happy to see those kids as they remain so cheerful and worry-free despite the environment they lived in. Kids in Singapore in general are very lucky indeed.

There are a few places that we will visit every time we go to Bangkok. These include Platinum Mall and Chatuchak for obvious reasons.

In addition for this round, we also went to some other places which we have never went before. E.g. Talad Rot Fai Ratchada.

It's an interesting place which sells... protein-laden bugs for example.

 And.. Guess what are these?

We also went to a smaller train market by the name Talad Neon. It's not as big as Ratchada but still worth a go as it's conveniently located near Platinum Mall.

We came across some dinner options that made us reconsider our options.. As far as I know Cellophane is not edible so we didn't ordered this.

I guess the oysters machine deliverer is busy so we didn't ordered the oysters either.

The crabs are busy as well? No wonder I always couldn't get through.

Not sure whether I want to swim under this waterfall..

We didn't attend this seminar but it must be interesting..

In the end we didn't eat much. But our damage is quite huge elsewhere.

Looking forward to the next soul searching trip. Cheers!


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