Wednesday 25 October 2017

These 3 Reits Go Ex-Dividend in these 2 Days

Since I am reading the results of and following some counters in my free time, I thought I might as well share some brief albeit important points from these readings, especially for the counters that interest me.

Capitaland Mall Trust (C38U.SI)

CMT probably needs no introduction. It is Singapore's first and largest retail Reit by market capitalisation, S$7.1 billion (as of 20 Sept 2017), and is listed on SGX since July 2002.

CMT's portfolio is a diverse list of 16 quality shopping malls with 2,900 local and international leases.

Based on results of 3Q17,

Ex-Date: 26/10/2017
Payment Date: 29/11/2017

Dividend per Unit (DPU): S$0.0278 (2.78 cents)
Annualised DPU: S$0.1103 (11.03 cents)
Based on today's closing price, yield comes up to: 5.43%

Net Property Income (NPI): S$121.4 million (increased of 1.6% yoy)
Distributable Income: S$98.7 million (increased of 0.3% yoy)

Portfolio Occupancy Rate: 99.0%

NAV: S$1.95

First Reit (AW9U.SI)

Listed on November 2006, First Reit is Singapore's first healthcare Reit that aims to invest in real estate and / or real estate-related assets in Asia that are primarily used for healthcare and / or healthcare-related purposes.

First Reit's portfolio valued at S$1.3 billion consists of 19 properties located in Indonesia (15), Singapore (3) and South Korea (1).

Based on results of unaudited 3Q17,

Ex-Date: 27/10/2017
Payment Date: 29/11/2017

Dividend per Unit (DPU): S$0.0214 (2.14 cents)
Annualised DPU: S$0.0858 (8.58 cents)
Based on today's closing price, yield comes up to: 6.1%

Net Property Income (NPI): S$27.47 million (increased of 3.2% yoy)
Distributable Income: S$16.7 million (increased of 2.2% yoy)

NAV: S$1.006

Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust (RW0U.SI)

Listed on Mar 2013, MGCCT with a market cap of S$3.2 billion, is the first commercial Reit with assets in China and Hong Kong.

MGCCT's portfolio currently consists of 3 properties - Festival Walk (Hong Kong), Gateway Plaza (Beijing) and Sandhill Plaza (Shanghai) which totaled S$6.0 billion in portfolio value.

Based on results of 1H18,

Ex-Date: 26/10/2017
Payment Date: 20/11/2017

Dividend per Unit (DPU): S$0.03714 (3.714 cents)
Annualised DPU: S$0.07428 (7.428 cents)
Based on today's closing price, yield comes up to: 6.06%

Net Property Income (NPI): S$142.9 million (increased of 4.5% yoy)
Distributable Income: S$104.4 million (increased of 4.1% yoy)

Portfolio Occupancy Rate: 98.2%

NAV: S$1.246

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