Wednesday 15 November 2017

A Vote of Confidence for Wilmar

Two days ago Kerry Group Limited acquired $225,417 worth of shares in Wilmar at an average price of $3.45.

This has increased their stake in Wilmar to slightly over 11%.

Of particular significance is the price of $3.45 which might be the fair value deemed by the big boys.

This is no doubt a good news and a vote of confidence for Wilmar.

Personally I will continue holding my small stakes. It makes sense for small players to follow the big boys trend isn't it?

Snippet 1: Our former foreign minister Mr George Yeo is the chairman of Kerry Logistics and director of Kerry Holdings Ltd.

Snippet 2: Malaysia's richest man and sugar king Mr Robert Kuok is the chairman of Kerry Group Ltd.

And a big source of his wealth is his stake in Wilmar.

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