Sunday, 24 December 2017

Recent Actions - Nov and Dec 2017

Short update for the months of November and December to conclude the year.

1) Bought 5,000 shares of Viva Industrial Trust @ $0.955 for my income portfolio. Did the same for wifey's as well.

2) Bought 3,000 shares of SingTel @ $3.64 for wifey as part of her income portfolio after recent XD.

3) Bought 10,000 shares of RHT Health Trust as a punt on the acquisition by Fortis.

4) Received dividend of S$325 from ISOTeam.

5) Received dividend of S$99.32 from Suntec Reit.

6) Sold 3,000 shares of Wilmar after signs of price weakness and failure to break through resistance. Could have earned more but decided to lock in profits first.

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