Friday, 13 April 2018

Why Say No to Free Money?

Recently someone asked me whether I have PayLah app and I told her no. After that I started to think why not? I have OCBC's 'Pay Anyone' for a long time so why not DBS's PayLah too?

I went ahead and downloaded the app. Registration is a breeze with only a few steps. And on the last screen we can enter a promo code if we have one.

So I googled for PayLah's promo code online to try my luck. Surprisingly there is indeed one that can be used. I will come to that later.

After I have completed the registration with the promo code, a $5 was immediately credited into my PayLah account. I was pleasantly surprised it's so fast. And apparently I have my own referral code as well. This is nothing new. Other apps also have this feature.

So if I may ask, you can use my referral code GTPJMM158 for your PayLah registration. By doing so both you and I can get $5 each.

If you don't want me to earn that $5, you can use another promo code STEADYLAH, which is the one I mentioned earlier. Using this code also earns you $5.

Take note that the latter code is limited to the first 40,000 successful new sign ups between 10 Aug 2017 to 31 Dec 2018.

So why say no to free money?

Disclaimer: This article is written on my own accord purely for sharing. I have not been approached by DBS or OCBC to write about their products.


  1. Hi JaSS

    Ive just recently install also and found them very convenient everytime my colleagues want to transfer me money.

  2. Hi B,

    That's cool. You managed to get the 5 bucks?

    Looks like we are the latecomers. Haha
    But better late than never!

  3. Just enter your promo code. Cheers! $5 credited almost instantly as you said. :)

    1. Hi Father Apple, glad you found the post useful and thanks for allowing me the $5 too!