Monday 9 July 2018

Baby Has Arrived!

Was pretty busy recently hence hasn't been active on my blog for awhile.

My daughter has safely arrived on 17th June 2018 Father's Day!

What a meaningful gift to me.

Wifey underwent an emergency C-section after about 24 hours of pain. I really owed it to her. My heart broke when I saw her lying on the bed suffering.

I was with her nearly throughout the entire period. That's the least I could do.

We wanted to go for natural delivery as far as possible but doctor decided to go for the C-section for safety reasons.

For those interested, total bill for our birth journey is as follows. It's not a small sum but what's important is that both wifey and daughter are safe and sound.

We went to SGH as a private patient.

Pre-delivery consultation visits and tests: $2,100

Medications and vitamins: $273

Labour and hospitalisation charges: $10,273.31

Baby hospitalisation charges: $3,489.63

Less Medisave claims: -$7,550

Net Payment: $8,585.94


  1. congrats! its a magical experience to witness the birth of child, and it felt wonderful when they sleep soundly in your arms.

    Mine arrived Dec last year, and it has been nothing short of an immensely joyful ride so far.

  2. Thanks guys! Indeed, I'm enjoying every moment with my baby now.