Tuesday 9 October 2018

The Best 'Coin' I Ever Had

This post has to start off with a picture. There's simply no other way.

On a wet rainy afternoon yesterday, wifey and I were in the car pondering where to go for a bite. As fate has it, we decided to go to a place which I have long wanted to go but have not so far.

The recommended dish here is the coin prata which we ordered together with a kosong and egg prata.

The moment I had my first bite of the coin prata I was overwhelmed. This has got to be the best that I've ever had. The sound of crispiness when my molars pressed down can almost rival that of a potato chip.

That's how crunchy it is on the outside. However the inside retains the fluffiness that a prata should have.

The accompanying curry is fantastic too. I finished the entire plate which surprised wifey. Haha.

On the flip side (pun intended), it is not cheap. 6 coin pratas cost $4.00.

Nevertheless I think it is worth every cent.

There are few eateries that I would purposely drive all the way down. This is one of them.

SIC location for interested foodies like me: Blk 24 Sin Ming Rd

Disclaimer: we are not related to the stallowner except for being a very satisfied customer.

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