Wednesday, 7 November 2018

My Solo Attempt at Baby Sitting

Since wifey and I are both working, usually we will bring our baby (baby M) to my MIL's place on Sunday night and bring her back on Friday night.

However as the Tuesday that just went by was a public holiday, I decided to leave the baby at home on Sunday which means I will be taking care of her alone on Monday as wifey will be working.

Now this is not a post to brag but I felt compelled to pen this experience down as I really enjoyed it.

I woke up baby M around 8.30 am to bathe her, change her diapers and feed her.

Surprisingly the feeding went well and she finished her milk in one go.

Did the customary burping and off to sleep again for baby M.

After washing the bottle I took the opportunity to work on my laptop and do some studying for an upcoming assessment.

In between also sneaked in to check on her and see her cute and beautiful face at times.

Usually baby M drinks her milk every 3 hours or so. However this time she took a longer than usual nap before waking up for her next feed.

This time it went smoothly too. Did a change of diapers for her too and off to nap again.

Washed the bottle and continued with my studying. Thanks to baby M's cooperation, I had more time than expected to study. Perhaps she knows her daddy has an upcoming assessment?

Seeing her cute face gives me motivation to continue. Haha.

Around 5 pm she woke up again for her third feed. But this time the pushing of bottle and her body contouring started. This is her usual way of telling me 'anything but the milk!'. It wasn't easy feeding her whenever she starts behaving this way. Only managed to feed her half bottle.

By then she has grown increasingly cranky and no amount of cajoling seems to help in calming her down.

So there I was, running between the bed room and living room while pacifying her and preparing the 'necessities' bag as the plan is to bring her to the mrt station to welcome mummy back.

Eventually at 6.20 pm we went out to meet mummy for dinner.

All in all I must say it's not too hard a day for me but it wasn't plain sailing all the way. Baby M was very cooperative and I had more than expected time to do some reading. If she had been in her cranky mood since morning I doubt I would be able to do my work as well as finish my revision for the day.

Baby M, papa loves you.

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