Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Review of InvestingNote

Was having my shower just now and my thoughts suddenly veered towards the investment journey I have taken so far.

It all started in 1996, 97. I was like a headless fly buying stocks based on volume and monitoring prices on the teletext. Made some money and after that I took a rather long hiatus before restarting my investment journey some years back.

Since restarted I frequent the Stocks, Shares and Indices (SSI) forum in HWZ.

I remember there was once I created a thread about what is causing the price of a stock to move and I suggested could one of the factors be algorithm trading.

Then I kena 'suanned' by this kid (I call him kid because he is in university and relative to my age) who asked me whether the price of pork in markets is controlled by algorithm also.

That was some unconstructive exchange of views in my opinion.

Anyway I still browse the forum for information and the diverse views.

But the title of this post is about my review of InvestingNote. How does that link up?

I was thinking I have written reviews of companies and my portfolio. So I thought why not write a quick personal review on InvestingNote, which is one of the platforms I frequent daily.

InvestingNote is now one of my daily must-go apps for keeping up with the news and on-goings in the financial world.

I enjoy the diverse views and news report shared among the members unselfishly.

Members are what make a forum.

People like Arsenal, Leslie_Shaffer, Hayashi8, SGNews, etc share news reports everyday.

People like Spinning_Top, uncle178, Grandpa Lemon, Sporeshare, opy, Hachiko, Master_GongJiaowei, CoryLogics, lynlynnakamori, jebus, luxcan, layers are some whose posts I enjoyed.

There are many more. I can't state all.

Functionality-wise, I find the app pretty intuitive. It is easy to toggle around. User experience is great.

Reading the posts, writing one, and making an estimate is very easy. If one can use Facebook and online forums, one would have no problem using InvestingNote.

Number and type of functions at this point of writing is fine in my opinion.

All in all it's a good job done by the InvestingNote team. I hope they can ride on the good work so far, continue to innovate and most important keep it free for members to interact.

Lastly I remember in the early days we were able to use our points to redeem rewards. Is that function still available?

Did not really follow this rewards thingy so any enlightenment would be appreciated. Haha.

P.s. This is neither a sponsored post nor a plp post hor..

Wow can't believe I took an hour to write this post..

Cheers and good night everyone.

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