Sunday, 7 April 2019

Paying $18 For A $54 Meal

So wifey, baby M and myself had a meal at the Gudetama restaurant in Suntec today. 

Prior to that I checked out eatigo (as usual, haha) and saw that there is a 30% discount for the timing we wanted. So I 'fast hand fast leg' made a reservation and off we went.

We ordered a pizza and steak for sharing. Though the portion is filling, I must say prices are not cheap in Gudetama.

Total bill for the 2 dishes came up to $54+. 

After the 30% discount and using the $20 eatigo voucher which I have redeemed previously from my eatigo points, the final bill is $18+.

Nice way for some savings on dining.

I have previously blogged about my experience with eatigo and I think some readers have also used my referral link to sign up for their account.

Whoever you are, thanks for that. Hope you enjoy the voucher / points earned from using the referral. 

Anyway here's my verdict on Gudetama.

Food: 6/10
Ambience: 6.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 5/10

In a nutshell, I probably won't go back again on my own. For that kind of prices I can have much nicer food at much nicer restaurants. 

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