Monday 30 March 2020

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Apply for Singapore PR the Smart Way

Because of its lack of natural disasters, political stability and low crime rate, Singapore as a developed island-state, is a popular choice for people seeking Permanent Residency and new citizenship in another country.

There are many benefits that a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) holds over non-citizens.

Some of the Key Benefits Are: 

👍 Able to live in, enter and leave Singapore without the need to apply for a separate visa.

👍 Able to apply for a long term visit pass for the immediate family.

👍 No need to reapply for a work permit when changing jobs.

👍 Enjoy the benefits of the CPF scheme.

👍 Higher priority in loan applications.

👍 Lower stamp duties in property purchase and the eligibility to purchase resale HDB flats.

👍 Subsidised rates for medical, childcare and education expenses.
Also importantly, in order to become a naturalised Singapore citizen, one of the criteria is to be a PR for at least two years.
While the thought of becoming a PR in Singapore might be alluring, the process of applying to be one might be daunting. This is especially so for those with no prior experience.
For first-timers, the tedious paperwork and unfamiliarity with the entire process can be a big hurdle to climb.
Even though the PR application can be done online, first-time applicants might face difficulties in navigating the e-Service website.
For re-applicants who faced previous rejection(s), it can be emotionally distraught especially if the reason for past rejection(s) is not known.
So rather than fumbling through the process, why not get the help of an expert to guide you through while saving you time and effort?

Paul Immigrations is a Singapore-based immigration consultancy firm that specialises in assisting applicants in their dream to become a SPR.
Since their establishment in 2016, the firm has helped over 15,000 customers with their key insights on the process. Thanks to the expertise and intimate knowledge of their consultants, the consultancy has maintained a high success rate.
The Various Groups Who Can Benefit from Paul Immigrations' Services

➤ Employment Pass or S Pass Holder

➤ Spouse of a Singapore Citizen or PR

➤ Student studying in Singapore

➤ Aged parent of a Singapore Citizen
➤ Unmarried or legally adopted child aged below 21

➤ Foreign Investor in Singapore

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How Do They Help You?
1. Expert Insights

The company's team of experts has extensive experience in the process. And they put this to good use by offering key insights and tips to help you edge one step closer to obtain your approval.

      2. Documentation

Since all PR applications are to be submitted online through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Singapore (ICA) portal*, the completeness and accuracy of documents are of paramount importance as any missing documents can render your submission invalid.

Let the consultancy take this worry off you as they vet through the documents prior to submission. 

* Foreign investors can apply for PR at the Singapore Economic Development Board under the Global Investor Programme.

3. Gather More Essential Documents

You would want your best qualities and contributions to be presented to set your application apart from others, thus increasing your chance of success.

Let the team help you with these additional documents. 

4. Design Cover Letters

While not a mandatory document, another way for your application to stand out among the thousands received by ICA is to include a cover letter in your submission.

The firm's specialised team of writers will help you to craft a personalised cover letter to highlight your strengths and emphasise your edge over others.

This is done to set your submission apart from the rest.

      5. Be With You Throughout

The number and type of documents to be submitted can be overwhelming. What’s more, a single mistake can render your application invalid which will be a big waste of time and effort.

Let the experts at Paul Immigrations guide you through the entire process to ensure you have not left out any documents or important information.

      6. Save Time & Fuss

The e-Service portal on the ICA website can be confusing for the uninitiated. Save your precious time and hassle by engaging Paul Immigrations to guide you through the portal and ensure all the required forms are filled and filed correctly.

To accomplish the above, the firm has developed a systematic 6-steps process to ensure nothing is left to chance. 

Step 1: Call up the Prospective Client
As a first step, a consultant will conduct interviews with you via phone calls to ascertain your eligibility for Singapore PR application.

The consultant will require information such as the type of work pass you are holding, whether you have family ties with any Singapore citizen or PR, and whether you have any pending applications with ICA.
At the same time, the consultant will assess your profile involving basic information such as your age, length of stay in Singapore and salary.
Step 2: Schedule an Appointment

Once the consultant has confirmed you are holding the correct work pass, a physical interview will be scheduled to verify your physical work pass and review your profile to gauge your likelihood of a successful ICA PR application.

The consultant will also go through with you on the factors that will affect your PR approval.

After this you can decide whether you wish to engage their services.

Step 3: Request of Documents 

At this stage you will be requested to provide the relevant documents to an Immigration Specialist either by hardcopy or email. 
These documents include:
➤ Audited form submission (also known as Form 4A) 

➤ Correct compulsory documents as required by ICA

Essential additional documents (that reflect your participation in charity work, community engagement, etc)

Upon receipt of these documents, the specialist will advise if the documents satisfy the PR criteria and requirements of ICA.

Step 4: Specialist handles the Paperwork

Based on the information garnered from you so far, the Immigration Specialist will guide you to complete form.

The firm’s in-house writer will also craft a personalised cover letter to be included.

Step 5: Specialist Submits Your PR Application

With every aspects covered, the specialist will proceed to guide you with the submission of your application online either remotely or together with you.

It takes an average of one to two months from Step 2 to 5.

Step 6: Outcome of Your PR Application

ICA takes about four to six months to go through every PR application. Depending on the result, the immigration specialist will advise you accordingly on what to do next.

Whether you are a first-time applicant or a re-applicant, Paul Immigrations can definitely help you in your PR application. So give them a call at +65 6206 6390 for their professional consultation.

You can also visit their website to gauge your likelihood of a successful ICA PR application.

This post is written in collaboration with Paul Immigrations Pte Ltd.

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