Saturday 30 May 2020

May 2020 Updates

May 2020

Portfolio Value after market close


Wifey's Portfolio Value after market close



500 shares of OCBC @$8.50




1) Suntec Reit @ $70.40

2) DBS @ $396

Short-Term Transactions

Contra trade on 5,000 shares of Keppel DC Reit


Received a total of $466.40 of dividends this month.

Total dividends receivable this year should be lower than that of previous year. But life's like that. Nothing to complain about.

Portfolio value increased slightly with the addition of another 500 shares of OCBC

SingTel has released their results yesterday and I have made a short comment on Investingnote.

Copied here as follows for record purpose.

"It is good to focus on the negativities.

I really feel so because it is important to take note on these concerns in order to make informed investment decisions. 

However I also feel we should put things into perspective too.

Free cash flow rose to $3.78 B while total dividend payout is around $2.0 B.

If the total dividend is still maintained at 17.5 cents, we are looking at total dividend payout of around $2.86 B. Still lower than the FCF. 

The reduction in final dividend is due to prudent measure. Not unlike the other companies which announced dividend cuts recently.

People talk like SingTel is a company that is going to go bust. 

But it is not like SingTel is losing money. It is making a net profit of over $1 B.

Granted that the reduction in net profit over last FY is 66%. It does seems high but large part of it can be attributed to the Airtel's exception charges.

Net gearing is also only at 31.8%.

Notwithstanding the above I do agree we need to take a deeper look into SingTel's fundamentals especially moving forward where the effects of Covid-19 will be fully realised."

On the work front, I have finally received the first payout of the Job Support Scheme (JSS). It's good to have some form of assistance but the economy must recover fast and sufficiently.

Ultimately the business has to be self-sustainable.

Not sure whether I mentioned this before. The Covid-19 has thrown a spanner in the works for my business plan.

Plan was to buy an office space within the next two years to generate a stream of passive income for the company. Probably the time line has to be extended now.

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