Monday 2 November 2020

Oct 2020 Updates

Oct 2020

Portfolio Value after market close


Wifey's Portfolio Value after market close






DBS @ $108

Short-Term Transactions



01 Oct 2020 STI Open: 2,500.74
30 Oct 2020 STI Close: 2,423.84
With no capital injection + the drop in the local market, my portfolio value fell to one of its lowest levels in recent months.

STI closed lower than its opening for the month of October which is similar to September. Point to take note also is that the index actually went lower than the 2,500 support for the last three trading days.

Looks like it is time to go shopping again.

I still have some funds albeit a low five figure amount to be utilised.
CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust (CICT)
This month I have received a $1,942.50 cash back after CCT merger with CMT has been finalised.
With this cash back, my new holdings in the new entity (CICT) will be 5,400 units at an average price of $1.724.
For wifey, she received $1,295 cash back which brings her new holdings to 3,600 units at an average price of $1.908.

This counter is among those that I might add on in the coming days. Let's see how the market goes.

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