Wednesday 31 March 2021

Mar 2021 Updates

Mar 2021

Portfolio Value after market close



Added 2,500 units of Ascendas Reit @ $2.93



ESR Reit @ $84
MLT @ $144.20
Ascendas Reit @ $117.46
CICT @ $93.96

Total: $439.62

Short-Term Transactions



01 Mar 2021 STI Open: 2,973
31 Mar 2021 STI Close: 3,165.34
STI closed above its opening this month although we saw a broad market sell off today which is also the last trading day of this quarter. Personally I hope the market continues to soften in the coming weeks for accumulation opportunities.  
However as a testament to the buoyant market, my portfolio value increased by about $13K despite adding only $7,325 of capital in the form of 2,500 units of Ascendas Reit. 

I have been monitoring Ascendas Reit, Mapletree Industrial Trust and CapitaLand Integrated China Trust closely for the past month with only the first one hitting my TP to add for first batch. 

Prices of these counters have since ran up but it's ok. Opportunities always come back. 

I am looking to add another $15K - $18K to my income portfolio hopefully within the coming month. 

This month I have also started a Syfe Core Growth portfolio as part of my investment strategy and for market diversification. 

For my fun account / portfolio, I continue to do some intraday tradings and also sold a far OTM GME PUT as an experimental first try. 

It is currently slightly in the green and I can either do one of the following:

1) Wait until expiration. 

2) Exercise it earlier to unlock my funds. 

I am incline to close it out earlier especially if premiums continue to fall. 

Moving forward I would likely add options as part of my investment / trading tools to augment my investable income. 

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