Wednesday, 17 November 2021

My Biggest ROI to Date at 400% from an Unintended Investment

I was daydreaming just now and my thoughts drifted to the various investments and returns I had so far. Nothing spectacular.
However I got a sudden realisation that I actually had a 400% return from a trade I did several years back. It's like an epiphany!

It's not a stock or cryptocurrency (probably doesn't even exist back then) or anything remotely related to investment per se.

The item was a golf club which I bought from the 2nd hand market. Back then I was looking for an Iron 7 and I happened to see this piece.

I picked it up, took a few mini swings, felt good and paid for it.

Went to the driving range for a few rounds with it and subsequently left it in the boot of my car when I stopped going to the range.

After that I decided to list it online for 5 times the price and surprisingly someone actually contacted me to buy it.

And he paid straightaway without negotiation.

Hopefully the club found itself a better owner.

Thinking deeper, I found that the above is actually a reflection of my view towards investment.

Even though I did not buy the club for the purpose of investment, it actually turned out to be a good trade for me.

Same for other assets. As long as they can fetch a decent ROI, they are good investments. Doesn't matter whether they fall within the 'traditional' group of assets or newer class.
Same for cryptocurrencies. The reason I have not made any investment into cryptos is not because they are a sham or they are not back by fundamentals, blah, blah, blah.
Rather, it is because I have not read enough to understand them sufficiently.
In fact the way I see it, blockchain-based coins such as Bitcoin, Ether and Solana can have real everyday functions such as retail transactions.

The periodic burning of these coins can in theory, increase the valuations as well.

In short, it pays to keep an open mind towards all assets / investments even if they do not appear to have obvious potential initially.

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