Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Quick Glance of Ascendas & Mapletree Family Reits Charts

Was monitoring my watch list just now and spotted quite a few opportunities so decided to take a glance at the respective charts.
Just sharing in case this is helpful to others too.

Ascendas Reit

At present price, yield is about 5.2% which makes it tempting. However a quick look at the chart reveals that the price has broken through all the moving averages. Furthermore the short term MAs have crossed under the longer term MAs with big fat red candles. Probably has more room to fall.
Will be keeping a close look at this counter and interesting to see how it closes today.
Mapletree Commercial Trust

Another counter which has fallen through all the MAs. However price seems to be consolidating near the $1.82 region which yields about 5.2%.
If the consolidation continues, an uptrend might be possible.
Was initially considering adding this or Ascendas Reit (when it was at 5.1% yield). At present moment the latter seems more tempting especially if it falls further and I've always preferred Ascendas Reit's assets over MCT's.
Mapletree Industrial Trust

Nice looking ladder formation. Almost looking like a double top or is it? Looking forward to $2.51.
Mapletree Logistics Trust

One of my favourite if not favourite, Mapletree counters. Solid assets with historical trend of rising dividends.

Aligned with my view that future world will be driven by tech, logistics and clean energy.
Ugly chart. Seems like collateral damage from the MCT & MNACT merger fallout. Share price has fallen below the recent preferential offering price.
Looking forward to further drop so I can scoop more.
Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust

MNACT is the only one that seems to buck the bearish trend. It hit a high of $1.15 earlier this month before consolidating back at the $1.09 - $1.10 levels.
Uptrend still intact based on MAs though 5 MA has crossed under 10 MA today. Would be interesting to see the closing today for the possibility of a short term dip.

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