Tuesday 2 August 2022

July 2022 Updates

July 2022
Local Portfolio Value after market close (excluding USD and HKD)






Short-Term Transactions
Sold 5 x SE 220715 Calls at $85 strike with $0.53 premium. Expired.
Sold 1 x GREE 221216 Call at $5 strike with $0.30 premium.
Sold 4 x PYPL 220729 Calls at $90 strike with $0.33 premium. Closed early at $0.08.  

SGD portfolio:
Portfolio value increased month on month.
Nothing added or sold. Continue to wait for dividends to come in.

Syfe Core Growth portfolio:
Portfolio loss has narrowed compare to last month.
Will probably close this experimental portfolio when the value recovers. It has not been as resilient as I would like it to be.
Current TWR at -4.98%.

USD / HKD portfolio: 
Made a net profit of US$346.75 (~S$478.48) from my call options in SE and PYPL this month.
This is made off a base of around S$20K which is the current value of this portfolio. If I can consistently hit ~2.4% every month like the above, it should put me in good stead.

At the same time I am contemplating whether to put in more funds to this portfolio to build it up and to enable more bullets for my options trading.
The advantage is of course the potential higher absolute returns if my options writing continue to work out the way I want it to be. And also, with a bigger portfolio I can use other strategies like LEAPs to enhance the returns.
The down side is also true with the increased leverage. Losses can be magnified and I am mindful of that. I am also not 100% confident of my options trading currently despite the good run in the past five months.
Having said that, I realised I have been writing calls since May till now, putting the obvious market downturn to good use.
Moving forward, it is not so clear cut anymore. I will be monitoring the market more closely. The bulls and bears seem to be fighting and market seem to be in consolidation mode now despite the recession risks looming globally.
Another point I am thinking about is whether to switch from moomoo to another platform as the fees from my options trading YTD is nearing US$100. Seems quite high in my opinion.
I've heard IBKR's fees are quite competitive. Will check it out soon.

Presently, moomoo also doesn't support options rolling which means less flexibility for the users to play with. This is another factor that is pushing me to switch platform if I were to pump in more funds.
Lastly, nothing added or sold from the portfolio holdings this month.
August is going to be a busy month and one with a big change for me.
I will be starting a side gig which will take up 40 - 80 hours a month for me depending on various factors. Income from this will range from S$1,600 - S$3,200 monthly.
While this is pretty good money for a side line, the hours will be taken out from my weekday mornings which means I'm left with half a day on each weekday to run my main business.
Evenings will be equally busy for me as I will be starting school again at the age of 40!
I'm taking a part-time Masters programme at NUS which will occupy 2 evenings per week for me.

Hopefully everything turns out well.

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