Wednesday 1 March 2023

Time to Renew My Electricity Plan and I Did (with the Best Option I Have!)

So two years passed just like that and what a difference the two years have made!
The price of electricity jumped from my current plan of 17.63 cents per kWh to 30.66 cents per kWh in the new plans.

That's a huge jump to say the least.

Granted that we can't control the price of electricity, we can at least do some homework to find the best option for ourselves.
So as usual I did some comparison to gauge what are the best plans and promotions available that can give me the best savings.
The first thing I did is to check out the promotions from my current electrical provider - Senoko Energy. 
Next I went to this website to compare across the different providers. 

Eventually I decided to renew with Senoko Energy due to reasons as follows.

1) Senoko Energy's unit price for 24 month fixed rate contract is jointly the most competitive among all the providers.
2) There is a 3% certified solar source in the plan.

3) I can get a $90 rebate with my HSBC card.
(Those with Trust card can get an even higher rebate!)

4) I like the clean interface and user friendliness of the Senoko Energy App which I have used over the past two years.

Based on my current electrical usage, the $90 rebate is about 3 months worth of electrical bills for me. 
In other words, I'm paying for only 21 months of the 24 months contract.
I think it's a no brainer.

Furthermore the renewal process is pretty seamless and fast.
Do note that the above HSBC card promotion is limited to the first 900 customers according to the website although I suspect a call to the friendly customer service will solve the issue if the limit has been reached.
As a matter of fact I just renewed two days ago and I still qualified for the promotion.
If this post helps you in any way and you would like to get a $30 rebate as well, please feel free to use my referral code (SWYJJ734).

This way both of us will enjoy the $30 rebate to offset our electrical bill.
Alternatively you can drop an email to me and I will send you the sign up referral link for the $30 rebate.

Thanks in advance.

This post is purely for sharing sake and is not a sponsored post by any electrical providers.

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