Thursday 2 November 2023

Every Little Saving Helps - Car Related Expenses

Cars are expensive in Singapore. Everyone here knows that. No thanks to the COE game implemented by our policymakers.
While we cannot control the car (and COE) prices, we can choose to do something to help ourselves on the operating cost.

Apart from pumping RON 92 (minimum as per my car manual) and planning routes to avoid ERP whenever possible, I make an effort to do some simple maintenance myself.

So recently I felt the cabin air was getting stale and the aircon was not as strong as before.

I proceeded to buy a replacement aircon filter online for my car model. This arrived couple of days ago.

It is no wonder why my cabin air was stale. Look at the difference. 

Top is the new filter. Below is the old filter (and the black colour is not activated carbon but dust accumulated)! 

New filter inserted in and ready for providing me and my family fresh air. 

True enough, the cabin air quality improved tremendously after that. I mean it is noticeable immediately after I started my drive.

And how much did it cost me? S$5.92 and 5 min of my time.

Most importantly, I have two young kids so I'm glad I did this small maintenance program.

All it takes is to locate the cabin air filter compartment and take some care when removing any parts. 

For my case the cabin air filter is located behind the glove box so a little care is needed to remove the hinges and slow-opening mechanism to lower down the glove box before accessing the aircon filter.

This is not rocket science and all car owners can do this and some other small maintenance themselves. 

Looking forward to the next self maintenance. 

Afterall a penny saved is a penny earned. 


P.s. Drivers, do let me know what are the other self maintenance that you are doing for your ride too! 


  1. Hi, hate to break this to you but your old aircon filter looks like it probably the carbon type. They start out greyish. Your new filter is the simple kind which is why it is white.

  2. Not really. The previous one is the white filter too.