Thursday 29 February 2024

Summary of February 2024

Following my purchase of Mapletree Logistics Trust in January, I continued my purchasing in February when opportunity presented itself.
My queue for Netlink NBN Trust @ $0.84 got filled at the end of trading hours. This is an addition to existing position and an average up at that. Coincidentally, last month's purchase of MLT was also done on the 29th.
2929. Huat Ah!
This purchase price translates to a dividend yield of more than 6.2%.
Have been monitoring the market every day as usual. There was a dip in price earlier this month for majority of the counters in my watchlist - if I remember correctly, the dip lasted only for the trading hours before lunch on that particular day.
I wasn't in time to make my move then due to work. Nevertheless this week NLT presented a comfortable price for me to add and eventually I got it after queuing for two days.
This price is slightly lower than the $0.845 that Netlink NBN Management executive director and CEO paid for his purchase of 100,000 units on 16th Feb. 
Another reason is the announcement of the S$100 million investment from the government into the national broadband network upgrade.
While the details on how this will impact NLT's financials are not clear at this moment, I believe this NBN upgrade will at least stabilise NLT's profitability and provide visibility on its business outlook in the next 2 - 3 years.

This helps to allay my concern on the sustainability of NLT's dividend payout moving forward.

On a side note, next month should see some dividends coming in from various counters including MIT, MLT and CLCT. As usual, will reinvest into the portfolio to let compounding works its magic for me.

With that, till next time. Cheers.

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