Friday, 30 December 2016

Looking Back...

Perhaps it's the year end syndrome.. Perhaps it's the rainy weather..

This is going to be a post with some nostalgia feeling.. Hence the title 'Looking Back'.

I actually started exploring the stock market around 20 years back. At that time I was using my father's account to trade stocks.

Back then the secondary listing is called Sesdaq. Contra period is a good 7 days. Our stock monitoring was done via teletext and trades were done over the phone.

One of my first 'wins' is from Samudera which earned me a grand S$300+. It was a contra trade and the amount is considered big for a student like me back then.

And my reason for picking this counter? The volume was high!

You can say that was a lucky punt for me. I didn't know about FA and TA then. All I knew was to pick stocks with high volume. Haha..

Subsequently I stopped my tradings (puntings) to focus on my studies. I was in the black when I stopped though.

That pause in trading lasted for quite a while before I explored the market again - to disastrous results initially.

Perhaps I will write about my silly doings in another post next time.

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