Saturday, 31 December 2016

Taking Stock for the Year

Since today is the last day of the year, I guess it’s apt that I use this day to summarise my financial highlights for the past year and express my targets for 2017.


1) ARA Asset Management

Raked in 16% profit from this counter. Not bad a return for a 3 months holding.

2) Managed to turn a loss into profit by averaging down.

Invested in CNMC when the price is nearing it’s peak ($0.595). 

Subsequently took the opportunity to average down when the price went down as the fundamentals and macro factors still look good ($0.52). 

In the end sold it for a small profit when the price corrected soon after ($0.57).

3) Monetise a depreciating asset of mine this year. 

As you would have guessed it, it’s my car.

I have been thinking on how to convert my car from a depreciating tool into an income generating source.

Last week I registered as a Grabhitch driver and have completed some trips already.

Income generated at point of writing: S$51.

4) Started to track my incomes and expenses.

Created an extensive excel sheet for this purpose which in turn makes me more discipline in terms of tracking my journey towards financial freedom.


1) Aim to increase side and passive incomes by 100% in 2017.

Yes 100%. And I feel it's a doable figure. As you can see below, my side and passive incomes for this year aren't that impressive actually.

Side and passive incomes generated for 2016 amounted to: S$2,712.86. 

2) Create one more stream of income in 2017.

I already have some ideas on how to go about achieving this aim. Will update more on this if it comes to fruition.

Last but not least,

Total Yield of Stock Investment for 2016: 4.17%.

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