Friday, 3 March 2017

Bib n Tucker - Our Side Income & A Semi Passive Business

This is just a post on the update of our (my wife and I) side business. Something to do with side income, passive income but nothing to do with equities. 😀

Bib n Tucker is started as an online store for baby and kids wear in 2014 and is coming into its 3rd year soon.

Sales have been coming in though volume can be improved, as is always the case.

We have to align our expectation since we have not been putting as much time as we would like to, into the marketing of our online store.

This is because we have our full time jobs and secondly this is meant to be a side and semi-passive income afterall.

Nevertheless we have done the necessary marketing in the early days such as the traditional flyers in the letter box and word of mouth to friends and family.

On top of that we also paid for Facebook advertising and other social media and platform marketings.

We did a revamp of our website last year. Moving forward we will continue to invest our time into this venture as well as seek improvement to the running of this business.

Big News! Big News!

Ok not really big news but:

"Bib n Tucker is offering free delivery from now on.

Regardless of the no. of items purchased, just select 'Free Rate' during checkout to enjoy the complimentary shipping to your door step.

Registered mail is at an additional $1.50 regardless of the no. of items purchased as well.

Enjoy, and continue shopping for the items that you and your child likes!"

If you intend to purchase from Bib n Tucker, thanks for the support 😁

Please drop me a note through email, our facebook page BibnTucker or Carousell BibnTucker and let me know which piece(s) you wish to get. This is so I can know you are coming from my blog.

I will work out a free registered delivery for you. On top of that I will also give a 10% discount to you.

Treat it as a gratitude to my readers 👍

p.s. running a business on top of a full time job is not easy. then again nothing in life is easy. we will continue to strive to do our best. huat ah!!

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