Tuesday 28 March 2017

Taiwan Trip March 2017

Haven't been blogging much for this month as I have not been active in the market and something major happened at work as well.

I just came back from a trip to Taiwan with my family. It is a nice relaxing trip to refresh myself as most of my recent trips were for work.

We arrived at Taipei and went to Taichung, Cing Jing, Alishan and Sun Moon Lake.

Spotted this bear at the nice Minsu we stayed at Cing Jing.

And also managed to wake up to see the legendary sun rise over the mountains.

After that we went to climb a mountain ourselves.

Along the way we also see sheeps,

and cherry blossoms.

After all the walking and climbing, my beloved Onitsuka Tiger finally decided it's time to retire.

Coincidentally I bought it in Taiwan several years back. So I decided to return it to where it came from.

Overall I spent about S$1,700 for this trip including air tix, accomodation, food, attractions, buys and driver service.

I consider it money well spent and besides, the amount is within my monthly budget for holiday https://justasingaporeanson.blogspot.sg/2017/01/growing-my-savings.html

Looking forward to the next trip.

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