Monday 1 January 2018

Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you had a good 2017 and may you stay healthy and happy in the new year ahead.

Actually I have written this post halfway through to take stock on the different aspects of my life in 2017 and to start 2018 with some goals. 

However I was simply too busy to finish it before end 2017. Nevertheless it's meaningful to post this on the first day of the new year I guess.

Here it goes..


On the work front, there is major change in 2017. I have left my previous company in which I am also a minor shareholder, to strike it out on my own.

Business has been not bad so far. Customers have been supportive and I am thankful for that.

My focus remains on growing the business and working on adding a new capability to the company by this year.

Other Incomes

Previously I set a target of doubling my side and passive incomes of S$2,712.86 by 2017.

Result for 2017: S$6,527.40 (Target met)

Moving forward I have to set a more modest target for this year due to a number of reasons. There is no point setting an exorbitant target and failing to achieve by year end. Also it's not my style to set an easy target to bluff myself when I achieved it later.

Hence the target for this year will be 20% growth in this category.

Equities and REITs

My holdings as of 29/12/2017:

Most of the counters in my current portfolio belongs to my long-term income holdings with the exception of CapitaLand, ISOTeam and RHT Health Trust.

CapitaLand is meant to be a trading stock. However it might turn into part of my long-term holdings if the dividend continues to grow which is the case for the past four years. Based on my purchased price, the yield is 3.36%. Below my target of min. 4% but still not bad actually.

Currently sitting on 17.9% paper profit.

ISOTeam is a loss-making counter for me so far. However I will continue to hold as I believe in it's growth potential and strength of the management team.

Unless something fundamental changed drastically, I intend to hold it till at least the next AGM. I'm pretty confident this year's results will be glowing for ISOTeam.

The share price has hit $0.42 some time last year. I don't see why it cannot happen again in the near future.

And the bit of dividend helps to cushion the paper loss so far.

RHT Health Trust is a pure punt on the Fortis buyout. Results of the deal (or no deal) should be finalised by this month if I remember correctly.

If the deal pans out this should leads to a small capital gain for me. If not I'll have to see what's the future plans from the management and of course the future dividend trend for the trust.

In summary,

1) Yield on Total Amount Invested 2017: 1.48% (Drag down by couple of trading losses)

2) Yield of Income Portfolio 2017: 3.62% (No dividend from Netlink Trust and Viva Industrial Trust yet)

3) Cumulative Yield of Income Portfolio: 5.42% (No dividend from Netlink Trust and Viva Industrial Trust yet)

2017 was also the year where wifey started her passive income portfolio. Her holdings as of 29/12/2017:


Last but not least, I also wish to share a piece of good news. I'm going to be a dad soon. Yeah!
My wife and I are expecting our first child this year and coincidentally he or she shares the same zodiac sign as me! 😄


  1. congrats on being a Dad soon.

    Your stock portfolio is damn solid and comes with good yield!

  2. Hi MIM, thanks for well wishes.

    Hopefully I can still continue my income building when my child arrives. Haha..

    By the way your portfolio looks even more solid than mine.