Wednesday 22 January 2020

My Monthly Fixed Expenses

Yesterday while driving, mum struck up a conversation with me about my monthly expenses. I know she has been concerned about this especially after baby M was born and she has repeatedly told me to give her less monthly.

In fact recently she told me not to give her the monthly 'jiak kueh lui' anymore.

So yesterday she asked me how much are my monthly expenses and I told her $3K plus. I know as I have a fixed expenses list and an overall tracking list for my income and spending.

I found these lists helpful in my budgeting and tracking ever since I created them some years back. I would encourage everyone to do up their own lists as well.

Attached below is my monthly fixed expenses list for sharing purpose.

Sometimes certain items such as credit card and food / entertainment will exceed the budgeted amount. Sometimes these will be much less than the budgeted.

Budgeted amount for almost all the items are over-catered as a prudent measure.

Some items have their annual cost broken down into monthly cost such as road tax and insurances.

Overall my monthly fixed expenses totaled to $3,920 thereabout, plus minus abit.

And this is fairly accurate on an annual basis.

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  1. monthly income tax of 260 with a monthly expense of 3.9k, i think you should not behaving any problem to continue the allowance to your mom.