Friday, 29 April 2022

April 2022 Updates

Apr 2022
Local Portfolio Value after market close (excluding USD and HKD)




4,000 units of MNACT
Free shares of AAL, SNDL and WISH

DBS @ $216

Short-Term Transactions
Sold 3 x AMD Put 220429 at $85 strike with $0.82 premium. 
Closed early at $0.96 for 1 contract.
Closed early at $0.65 for 2 contracts.

SGD portfolio:
Sold 4,000 units of MNACT at $1.23. Total profit margin including dividends at about 30.6%.

Portfolio value decreased by about $6K after the sale.
Looking to add others when suitable opportunities arise. Was eyeing Ascendas Reit and CLCT.

Syfe Core Growth portfolio:
Will probably close this experimental portfolio when the value recovers. It has not been as resilient as I would like it to be.
A bear market is a good way to see a portfolio manager's performance. In this case Syfe Core Growth has not met my expectations.

Current TWR at -2.34%.

USD / HKD portfolio: 
Made use of the $0 commission from moomoo to sell the following shares won from various contests in moomoo previously:
Sold 1 x free share of AAL at $20.14. 
Sold 1 x free share of SNDL at $0.503.
Sold 2 x free shares of WISH at $1.81. 
Made a small profit of approximately US$20 in options this month.
What a volatile month it has been in the US market. My above options ranged wildly from ~$500 loss to $120 profit sometimes within the same night.

Since the market recovered slightly last night, I decided to close off early and took a small profit as the options have tested the strike price and in fact went ITM several times in the past few days already.
Afterall a bird in hand is better than two in the bushes. Capital preservation is more important.

On the other hand I am looking to add several other counters which have reached pretty attractive price levels.

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