Friday 1 April 2022

Mar 2022 Update

Mar 2022
Local Portfolio Value after market close (excluding USD and HKD)





Ascendas Reit @ $805.38
CLCT @ $217.80
MLT @ $83.98
CICT @ $19.97

Total: $1,127.13

Short-Term Transactions
Closed early at $0.02 for 1 x SE Call 220304 at $180 strike with $1.28 premium.
Closed early at $0.07 for 1 x SE Call 220325 at $180 strike with $1.28 premium.
Sold 3 x AMD Put 220325 at $97 strike. Expired. 

SGD portfolio:
Portfolio value boosted by the buoyant local market despite no additions.

Syfe Core Growth portfolio:
Still seeing slight negative returns for this month although the gap has narrowed.

USD / HKD portfolio: 
No trades in equities for this month. 
Made a small profit of US$254.15 (~S$344.09) in my overall option positions in March.
Moving forward I will remain cautious and will remain on the side line if I don't see a clear trend ahead.

Also, the treasury yield curve has started to invert recently and this almost always precede a recession so all the more reason to be nimble.

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