Thursday 5 January 2017

Healthy Living

So I did a stock count today on the mileage I achieved with my runs last year.

As a disclaimer, running after the bus, runs to the toilet and running from the rain are excluded from the following statistics.

Based on my running app 'mapmyrun' which I used with my runs most of the times, I ran a total of 214 km last year.

This is a far cry from my target of 1,152 km which is based on 3 runs of 8 km per week. Obviously I have not run as much as I would like to.

The following workout regime was what I devised for myself last year and I tried to keep to the regime as consistently as I can.

Monday / Wednesday / Friday:

a) 2-min plank
b) 219 reps of crunches
c) 219 reps of shoulder
d) Run

Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday:

a) 2-min plank
b) 219 reps of crunches
c) 219 reps of chest
d) 219 reps of arms
e) 219 reps of squats


Rest day

On top of that, I also adopted a no / low carbo dinner on weekday nights.

For the record my height is 1.8 m and I tipped the scale at 72 kg.

As far as I am concerned, I can attest that the above regime cum dietary change did have an effect on my body shape.

My height and weight remained the same. However I swear I can see my chest getting bigger, love handles getting smaller and deltoids getting larger.

I don't rule out that's an imagination from an exhausted person though.

Coming to 2017, I am going to continue with the above albeit with some slight tweaks.

Instead of running I am going to swim more.

This is because swimming is better for men if you know what I mean. There's a reason why a certain body part of ours are hanging outside of the body. They have to remain cool in order to function properly.

Running produces heat. Swimming cools the body. There you go..

2017 here I come.

Healthier living, healthier body

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