Tuesday 10 January 2017

STI Break Through 3,000 Finally

Today is a happy day for many. Finally STI broke through 3,000 points. The last time it happened is 14 months ago which seem like a long time amidst the turmoils last year.

Good news for me is that most of my counters including new ones like CapitaLand which I purchased at $2.98 are in the green zone.

Even those in the red like M1, are sustaining less damage because of the bull.

Bad news is I haven't got the chance to do some trading because of work. I am heavily involved in a project now which is scheduled for completion before CNY.

Will this bull continues to charge forward? Or will it slows down shortly and hibernate like a bear?

Honestly I'm in two thoughts. If it continues and hit my TP for some of my counters I will probably sell to realise the profits.

If the market retracts it will not affect me too much either as my investments are mostly on a longer term horizon. In fact I will take the chance to continue sourcing for good buys to add to my portfolio.

Either way I will make money. Opps, touch wood and cheers!

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