Thursday 26 January 2017

Little Milestone for the Blog

Just realised my blog has crossed the 1,000 readership mark in a little less than a month after my first post Inaugural Post.

Although it's not a big achievement to speak, I'm still happy that my posts are being read by people and hopefully be of help too.

There's no comment to my posts so far, but whoever you are, thank you for your time in reading.

Quick update on the market:

Dow Jones has finally broke the 20,000 mark. This should bodes well for the STI which has enjoyed a bull run so far into the new year.

Looks like Trump putting his words into actions is generating a positive feeling in the market. As the saying goes - people are fearful of the unknown. The feeling should be gone now judging from the breakthrough in DJIA.

On a personal note:

CapitaLand proved to be a good buy so far. However M1 suffered from panic selling yesterday due to the release of their latest results. I expect the share price of M1 to rebalance after this and rebound.

Hopefully the tangible benefits of their collaboration with Starhub will come sooner.

I have also added a few more counters into my watch list recently.

Moving forward will continue to look out for suitable buys to add to my long term portfolio and experiment with some short term tradings to slowly build up my warchest again.


  1. Hi JASS,

    Congrats on your little milestone and welcome to the blogging world. I am sure there are many many more milestones on your journey.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Passive Income Farmer. Your blog is one of those that I read too. Keep it up!

  2. Hi JASS

    Congrats on capitaland. I think it has gone up nicely in recent months.

    I noticed you like office reits quite a lot since you are vested in most of the office reits.

    1. Hi B,

      Thanks. You vested in CapitaLand too?

      Yah I find office reits suit my long term appetite better as compare to retail reits which might be facing a challenging environment with the rise of internet shopping.

      Nevertheless I won't rule them out totally especially if the price is right. Hehe