Thursday 9 February 2017

Construction Companies Comparison

Some months back I did up a comparison spreadsheet for the major players in our local construction industry.

The reason was because I was tracking some of them and I thought it would be easier to compare in a tabulated table.

As mentioned the table was done few months back so data might be a little outdated. But you should be able to get a general feel of the pros and cons of the companies in the comparison.

Hope this helps. Here it goes...


  1. Hi,

    This is interesting. Any counters you bought and have they gain? Any updates as well?


  2. Hi T.U.B.,

    Amongst the comparison I was actually targeting Hock Lian Seng back then with a TP of $0.33. However I didn't managed to get in and now you know what happened to HLS.. : )

    Recently bought Isoteam as a mid term play.