Wednesday 15 February 2017

My Cardinal Rules in Investing

Cardinal Rule: A fundamental rule that is set in place and must not be broken at anytime.

There are different kinds of benefit that one can reap from investing in the equity market.

Tangible benefit - monetary gains

Non-tangible benefit - knowledge

And I found that some of the knowledge I gained from the years in the market is not only applicable to stock trading, but also applicable to life in general.

For the context of investment, I call them my Cardinal Rules of Equity Investment.

And these are:

1) Only buy what you can afford to lose.

2) Do your homework and stick to your target price.

3) Remain steadfast in your belief even when the whole world goes against you.

4) Do not touch s-chips.

5) No profit is as real as the one in your pocket.

Now I'm sure not everyone will agree with my cardinal rules stated. But I will be glad if someone can gain from taking inspiration from this sharing.

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