Tuesday 30 May 2017

Recent Actions - April & May 17

Just a quick update on my stock related activities for the past two months.

S$1,282 contra loss on Rotary Engineering.

S$590 M1 dividends received.

S$121 Comfort Delgro dividends received.

S$400 Capitaland dividends received.

S$97 Suntec Reit dividends received.
On the watch list, some of the counters have been inching towards or have reached my buying target price.

I am keeping a close eye on:

ISOTeam - to add more on further dips

Raffles Medical, ThaiBev and Wilmar - to initiate position

Will enter when the time arrives.
I have not been that successful in trading recently. However at least I know what went wrong. Will definitely keep these lessons in mind.

Last but not least, I hope to be more active in the market in the coming months. But I won't buy just for the sake of buying. After all a bird in hand is worth two in the bushes.

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