Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Surprise Call from M1

I have always been satisfied with M1's customer service in my close to 20 years with them.

From the way they handled my queries over the phone to their staff at the front line, perhaps I have been lucky. So far I'm pretty impressed with their flexibility and initiatives.

Today I received a call from one of their customer service officers who offered me a loyalty voucher with quite a substantial amount to re-contract with them.

On top of that he also told me to delay my purchase (if any) to next month as phone prices will change after end of this month and Comex is coming so I might get a better deal!

I am pleasantly surprised as I was actually looking around for the past two weeks for a replacement for my 3 year old phone which apparently is nearing the end of its life 😞

Looking beyond the surface, this actually tells me that instead of being reactive to market changes, M1 is in fact proactively trying to retain customers.

Kudos to them 👏

Apart from that they are also coming up with promotions to get more customers on board. One example is the 300 mbps broadband plan @ $23 per month for the first year for customers who do not need a 'free' router.

I almost wanted to tell the CSO not to offer so many incentives especially handset subsidies to customers 😀

The above together with the initiatives I highlighted in my previous posts, further reinforce my belief that the sun will be shining brightly for M1 soon!

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