Friday 29 September 2017

Reviewing Comfort Delgro in Wifey's Portfolio

Price of Comfort Delgro (CDG) has dropped since I bought it for wifey's dividend portfolio last month. This is mainly due to the double whammy of recent negative news.

This begets a question - Will I cut loss and sell it? Simple answer is no.

This is because the Grab / Uber factor has been overly played and I believe it has largely been priced in. Furthermore if I assume a drastic worst case of 10% drop in dividend next year, based on our purchased price the yield is still a respectable 4.3% (above my criteria of 4% CPF interest).

In fact I am looking out for an opportunity to buy in for myself and wifey.

I have previously sold my holdings for a small profit when the price hit $2.3x about a month ago.

Another important question is - Do I expect CDG to languish below $2 for the next 3 - 5 years? Simple answer is no again.

At this point of writing, CDG has a closing price of $2.08. It has risen for 2 days but this is probably due to the shorts covering.

I personally expect the price to drop again in the near term before rising to a stable point when market realise the fear is actually not that fearful.

Already I am seeing some analyst reports saying the above.

Sometimes it's funny to see how quickly they change opinion. Faster than the prata man opoosite my place flipping his prata : )

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