Tuesday 12 September 2017

September Oh September

Hope everyone is doing well so far.

I realised I hasn't been blogging as much as I would like to in September. This is because there was a major happening in my career recently.

In August I left the company in which I was employed as well as being one of the shareholders. Due to certain disagreements between two of the shareholders - and I'm not one of them, a decision has been made to close down the company.

So now I'm striking out on my own. No longer with partners.

Incorporating the new company was easy. There are many companies out there offering incorporation service for a fee. I engaged one of those to incorporate my new company.

What's occupying my time are stuff that are often taken for granted such as:

Creating my company logo
Designing and printing my name card
Creating letter head
Designing and creating the content for my website
Selecting a host and creating the email accounts
Creating my company profile and individual product catalogues
Creating quotation, DO and invoice formats

These tasks look mundane and I too took these for granted when I was an employee previously. However what needs to be done got to be done. So who else but me.

Most of the designing stuff can be outsourced to professionals. But I wanted to be frugal on this front as I need the funds to be put to better use.

On the bright side I have already completed several projects, thanks to the support from my customers!

I would say it is a good start for me.

On the other hand, I have increased the frequency of my runs recently. I have always love running but for various reasons, I have not been running as much as I would love to.

My pace has suffered as a result however I should be able to return to my old pace soon. Not that I care much about the pace, just that it serves as an indication of how 'lazy' or 'hardworking' I have been.

Most importantly I love what I do and I do what I love and this helps me to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

Just to show off before I log off!

Our dear traffic police sent me a surprise letter, complimenting me for being a careful driver for the past 5 years. Instead of a compliment I would very much prefer some tangible rewards though. 😁

And the environmental-conscious me is thinking why sent a hardcopy compliment? Actually an SMS will suffice.

And I thought I can show off! More than half of the motorists have received this compliment as well. Lol.. 😂

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