Friday 28 July 2017

Recent Actions - June & July 17

Just to update my transactions for June and July 2017 as follows.


Received some dividend last month for the scrips that I'm still holding on.

Always looking for a chance to enter OCBC again. But at current price points I would stay on the side line. 

NetLink Trust

Will be keeping my 4,000 shares from the IPO for the long haul if the >5% annual dividend can be maintained. This is a more than decent yield considering our 'risk-free' interest from CPF SA is 4%.

Furthermore I see potential capital gain for this counter as well. Am secretly hoping this can eventually be a free holding for me.. Shhh 😀


Taking advantage of the recent drop in price and added 2,000 shares to my holdings. Bought pre-XD at $1.86. Current total holdings @ 12,000 shares.

From the release of their 2Q results on 18th July to now, the share price has dropped from $2.10 to $1.785.

To me this is simply irrational. Seems artificial to me even. Looking at the broader scheme of things, is M1's performance so lousy that it warrants a 15% drop in a span of 8 trading days?

Not to me. I can understand if M1 becomes loss-making. But considering it's a profitable company, this simply baffles me. 😖

Perhaps.. Just perhaps.. is someone pressing the price down for a potential take over?

Just a wild guess. In the mean time I will consider adding more if opportunity arises.

mm2 Asia

Bought 5,000 shares when the price dipped to $0.51 on news of the stalemate at buying over GV.

I'm more of a dividend investor than growth or value, however I see an opportunity for a short term capital gain at this price. Time will tell whether I'm right or wrong.

Plus it wouldn't hurt to try balloting for free concert tickets isn't it? 😁

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