Monday 29 January 2018

Giant Has Done It Again

Around 2 weeks ago I wrote a post about some money-saving tips among which one of them is to always check your bill.

Subsequently 4 days after the post, I followed up with a comment after I discovered that Giant Hypermarket at Tampines has overcharged on an item that I have purchased.

Well, they have done it again. This time it was at Giant supermarket, Loyang Point. They have again overcharged me on one of the items purchased.

And apparently my family members have also encountered this issue at Giant supermarkets before.

Now these are not the first instances from Giant. The first time was some years back though I can't remember the amount anymore.

For the latest two instances, the amounts overcharged are 25 cents and 30 cents respectively.

These are small amounts. But if you multiply that by the number of customers who overpaid unknowingly, Giant would have made a handsome profit over the years.

It is easy to overlook the wrong charges on a bill especially if you have several purchases in the receipt.

However I urged all readers to take some time to check through your bill after shopping.

Who knows how much you might save over the years.

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