Thursday, 1 February 2018

Portfolio Review: Viva Industrial Trust

Managed to find time to review the performance of my holdings.

For Viva Industrial Trust (VIT), the FY2017 results are nothing short of stunning and vindicated my decision to pay a premium to purchase the units three months ago.

The glowing result is mainly contributed by the post-AEI Viva Business Park and the logistics property at 6 Chin Bee Avenue. UE BizHub East also shows marginal increase in revenue contribution.

The following slides show it all.

In a span of one year (2016 end - 2017 end), share price of VIT ran up from S$0.755 to S$0.94. An increase of nearly 20 cents. This is justifiable.

As an income investor, one of the criteria I look out for when adding a stock into my long term portfolio is the dividend payout. In this aspect VIT remains one of the best among the industrial REITs.

I do have a concern regarding the WALE of 2.6 years though I won't be losing sleep over this as VIT is doing quite well in terms of tenancy retention. However this shall be a point of monitoring for me.

Fundamentally, VIT remains solid. Outlook in my opinion, is looking good especially for both business parks.

Will I continue to keep VIT in my portfolio? Absolutely.

Will I add more? Yes.

Now comes the golden question. How do I see the possible merger of ESR and VIT?

I will answer this in the next post since the reply will not be a short one.

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